Welcome to the masterclass with Timi Oshin Studios, a platform to educate, inspire and explore lights and frames as regards wedding photography. 

Over the years, we have had very few storytellers curate the African culture as it evolves in its love stories. We seek to help photographers see better and therefore create better galleries worthy of the story before them.

This masterclass will be a 3 day training covering key knowledge of composition and shaping with lighting, image editing and post-production, the essence of being human, real session reviews as well as portfolio review.

Our first class will be holding from August 24-27th for a duration of 3 hrs for each day. Participants will be required to be present for each class with one on one training running through the period. We have made arrangements to have real life engagement session and wedding portfolio review to help guide our participants how we curate our wedding stories on a typical day.

A one month mentorship program that will also run in August for attendants interested in honing their craft with a one on one editing sessions, behind the scenes access, job shadowing, as well as other perks.


Masterclass: #50,000

Mentorship Program: #150,000

We cannot wait to have you join us as we explore frames in light together.

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